Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Fall!

Fall is officially here and we have fallen into our classroom routines. In Language Arts we explored the comprehension strategy of making connections using, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The students enjoyed this story so much they even made scenes and stick puppets to retell the story. Ask your kindergartner to retell the story to you. at home Remind them to use their teacher (storytelling) voice. We also practiced creating and detecting words that rhyme. Try creating silly rhymes with your child at home.

Today your child brought home either a list of letters/sounds to review, a list of sight words to study or a short story passage with questions to answer. These are differentiated lessons based on your child's needs according to the data I collected  from the various assessments they have completed. These are practice materials for you to go over with your child at home. These items do not have to be sent back to school unless your child would like to share their work with me. I will continue to send home lessons as your child continues to develop and progress in reading. We will go over the results of your child's assessments in details during our parent-teacher conferences in a few weeks.

In math we continued to subitize, sort objects into categories and count numbers to 100 by singing along to our Big Number song. Please continue to help your child practice counting to 100 and write numbers to from 0-20.  Try using using a dry erase board from the Dollar Store for writing. You might be surprised how motivating this can be to a kindergartner:-)

In Science we began our Trees and Weather Study. The students had a blast observing and exploring trees around our school. We adopted a class tree....That's right our class has a pet tree, Leo the Lincoln Lion Tree (Leo for short). We wrote all about our observations of Leo in our science journals. The next time you're at the school ask your child to show you where Leo lives. Ask them what they have learned about Leo so far. Our next science lesson will be this Wednesday. Please have your kindergartner bring in their leaves asap if you have not done so already.

We ended our week by celebrating International Peace Day. We watched a short video on how students all around the world are uplifting their communities through Love and Action. Our class had a beautiful discussion about what peace means to us and how we can continue to promote peace at Lincoln School. The students made peace pinwheels and of course jammed to some peaceful tunes!

Happy Birthday to Kori Lynne. She turned 6 years-old on Saturday and the students were so eager to write about the tumbling good time they had at her birthday party on Sunday!

Monday, September 18, 2017

We are Becoming WOW Readers

Last week kindergarten was full of fun learning experiences!

In Reader’s Workshop, we learned that readers find sight words in the books they read. This was a big hit with the kindergartners. They are still searching for sight words all around the school. We also practiced finding our “Wow” pages in books. Wow pages are those parts of the book where the reader learned something new or interesting. Check out pictures of the kindergartners sharing their “Wow” pages with their reading buddies. Ask your child what were some of the “Wow” pages they tagged in their books.

Our shared reading book last week was, Mrs. Wishy Washy. We used this book to explore setting and characters voice. The students had a blast making their voices sound angry like Mrs. Wishy Washy when she found all those messy animals. Ask your kindergartner to do their best Mrs. Wishy Washy voice.We also used this book to explore words that rhyme and letter sounds. Please continue to help your child practice these skills at home.

We added two more words to our word wall last week. Our six words now include; the, I, to, a, is and my. Tomorrow your child will come home with the Red Words (first list) of our, “Rainbow Word Wall Words.” A great way to help your kindergartner recognize these words is to create a word wall at home. Please remember these are sight words not spelling words. This means students should be able to recognize and read these words when printed in text. At school, Students are encouraged to use the word wall to help them spell these words correctly but they will not be tested on the spelling of these words. Click here for some fun interactive activities you can use at home to help your child practice reading these words. For a complete list of all the rainbow words please click on the sight word link in the right column. 

Word Walls at Home:

In handwriting we practiced holding our pencils correctly ("Thumb is always bent, pointer points to the tip!") and using good posture (by stomping our feet and reaching our arms up while sitting) in our "Pencil Pick-Ups" activity.  We used our slates for the first time while learning how to form "Frog Jump" letters capital F, E, D, P and R. Ask your child to show you their proper pencil grip and to tell you all about how we Wet, Dry, Try write with our slates. Click here for more information on pencil grip.

In math we practiced writing numbers from 0-20 and counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. Ask you child to sing our counting by 10’s song to you. Also in math we have been practicing the essential kindergarten skill of learning to subitize. Subitizing is the ability to automatically recognize number patterns without counting. For example, when rolling a die, if you rolled a five, you wouldn't have to count out each dot if you had the ability to subitize. This skill will be needed as kindergartners begin to develop and build their math fluency skills.

We had two more friends celebrate a birthday over the last two weeks. We enjoyed having Joey’s mom and Bridget’s mom and dad visit us to share a special birthday story and cool birthday treats. Happy Birthday Joey and Bridget!

Finally, if you have not done so please chick here to schedule a parent teacher conference or here to pick a special week for your child’s star student week.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hey, Hey, Big Line!

We have been very busy at work in Room 126! Last week in Language Arts we discussed who the characters in a story are and what is the role of an author and illustrator. Ask your child to teach you the "Author/Illustrator" song we sing to help us remember their roles. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom and Chrysanthemum to practice using picture clues to help us decode words in a story and to also explore some new vocabulary words such as "wilted".

Photo: Kindergartners using their bodies to show what it looks like when the character Chrysanthemum wilts.

We learned a phonics song and dance to practice our letters and sounds. We used this song to help us sound out words in our writing journals. Be sure to have your child practice recognizing letters (capital and lowercase forms) and sounds daily.

Photo: Phonics dance

In handwriting we practiced using big lines, little lines, big curves and little curves to form letters and numbers. The kindergartners had a great time rocking out to our "Hey, Hey, Big Line" song. We also worked together to use these shapes to build a special friend. Ask your kindergartner all about Mat Man.
Photo:  Rocking out to the Hey, Hey, Big line song
 Photo:Building Mat Man

Photos: Letter and number building using shapes.

In math we continued to practice counting by 1's and 10's to 100. We also practice sorting and classifying objects into categories. Please continue to help your kindergartner practice counting to 100 by 1's and by 10's.

In our second lesson in Second Step we learned some strategies we can use to stay focused and to be active listeners. Ask your kindergartner what these strategies are. Here are some clues to help them remember: Eyes are ______, Ears are______ Mouths are ________ and bodies are __________.

Important Upcoming Events:

Kindergarten Open House- Thursday, September 7th from 6:00pm-6:30pm

Picture Day: September 12th (Forms with more information will be sent home tomorrow)

Scholastic Book Orders Due: September 15th. Click here to visit our page). Class Code:HCMYH

Monday, August 21, 2017

What a Great First Week

We've had a lot of fun getting to know each other and establishing daily routines. We are learning all about our school rules like staying in our seat, raising our hands, and taking turns. We discussed our PBIS school rules to help us behave safely in the hallways, bathrooms, lunchroom, and on the playground. Our Lincoln Laws are: Be respectful, be responsible and be safe.

During our daily morning meeting, we are practicing counting by 1’s, exploring the alphabet and the sounds and learning the days of the week and months of the year. We love to sing songs to help us learn! We have also enjoyed moving our bodies to help our brains learn.

Please continue to check your child's red home folder daily and have your child bring it to school each day. Remember that water bottles are welcome in the classroom to help your child stay hydrated throughout the day.

Thank you for sending your child to school with a healthy snack. Please remember to pack it separately from their lunch so your child can enjoy it during our morning recess time.

Our Kindergarten Curriculum Night will be held Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Photos from our first week:

                                          Positive Behavior Interventions System (PBIS) rotation

                                         Art with Ms. Naples

                                         Housekeeping Fun

                                         Legos and Blocks Building

                                                    Dominoes and Animals Exploration

                                                   Pete the Cat School Tour

                                         Spanish Class with Senora Jacoby

                                                    Gym with Mr. Wiza

                                         Book Exploration Station

                                                   Literacy Centers


                                          Pete the Cat Partner Math

                                          Kingston turns 5. Happy Birthday!

Welcome to Kindergarten

Hello families and welcome to a new school year!  I am so excited to begin building a partnership with each and every one of you in order to provide your child with the best kindergarten experience possible.

I have designed this blog to help keep you informed of events and activities taking place in our classroom. Please remember to check back frequently to get a glimpse of all the learning and fun your kindergartner will experience this year!

See you soon,
Mrs. C