Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Visit From a Leprechaun

We've been so very busy in kindergarten. In Language Arts we have been working on building our reading muscles by reader bigger books with harder words. The kindergartners are really enjoying the new books they've added to their book boxes. We are exploring words patterns and our favorite so far are the "H-Brothers." Ask your kindergartner what sounds does the "Th" "Sh" and "Ch" Brothers make. See if they can build words that begin or end with these sounds. In writing we are creating expository or "How-To" Books. The kindergartners we're so excited today because they got a chance to share their books with our 5th Grade Book Buddies. Ask your child what their "How-To" book is about and what was one "Wow" or "Wonder" their buddy gave them. In math we are building our subtracting skills. The students are having fun playing the "Beat My Time" game to build their subtraction fluency to 5. See how many number sentences your child can solve in 1-minute. The record score so far is 15 subtraction problems in 1 minute.....Wow! Last week was a treat because a mischievous little leprechaun came to visit.  As you can imagine the kindergartners were super excited! They searched high and low for the little shoe the leprechaun left in our classroom but they had no luck in finding it.....Maybe next year! Also on Friday we had a visit from 6th, 7th and 8th graders from Julian Middle School. They led us in some from leprechaun themed activities. We had so much fun and the kindergartners we're thrilled to hangout with middle school students. Next week is Spring Break so we will be on vacation until April 2nd. Enjoy your break family and see you all soon!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kindergarten Learning....The Movie

What an amazing First Trimester we've had together in Room 126!

Report Cards came home with your child last Friday. If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to review your child's report with them. After doing so, please sign and return the envelop back to school.

-Tuesday, December 18th, Holiday Book Exchanges are due. Please remember to wrap the book before sending it in.
-Thursday, December 21st:  Holiday Sing (10am Lincoln Auditorium)
-Thursday, December 21st:  Holiday party. Please click here to visit the Signup Genius.
-Friday, December 22nd: Movie and Popcorn Day. "The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About Christmas" (Rated G)

We've been so busy over the last few weeks that I forgot to share all the fun we've been having. What better way to share a quick recap, than with a movie:-)? This movie includes a few pictures from our:
-50th Day of School
-Kori Lynne's Mom Visits for Star Student Week
-Friendship Feast
-Lincoln School's Annual Turkey Trot
-Fun New Math Centers
-Concordia Student Teachers Come to Visit
-Our Amazing 3D Shapes Museum
-Fidgit Spinner Learning
-Our EPIC Flashlight-Pj-Teddy Bear-Dance Party:-)

--> Enjoy!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Little Explorers

Wow, it's been a minute since our last class post but there's certainly been plenty of learning going on. I would like to begin by thanking you all for joining me last week for our first parent-teacher conference. It was such a pleasure to share with you all the learning and growing your kindergartner has done so far. Last week in Language Arts we reviewed retelling fiction stories. We added the words "am" and "on" to our word wall bringing us up to 12 words. Ask your kindergartner to read all our words and try writing some in a sentence. Our other sight words are, "the, like, see, my, we, a, can, is, to, I".  In writing we continued to work on our small moment stories including a beginning, middle and end. In Handwriting we wrapped up our unit on forming numbers 0-10. Please continue to have your child practice writing numbers 0-20.

Number Writing Practice


In Math we used cubes to explore adding numbers and their reversals. For example we learned 1+4 and 1+4 both equaled 5. See if your child can add other reverals that equals sums from 0-5.



In science we continued to explore our Tree Leo. Last week we used our kindergarten iPads to photograph parts of a tree. See some of the pictures the kindergartners captured below.

    Photographed by Ben                       Photographed by Janai                      Photographed by Arsema

    Photographed by Joey                   Photographed by Kingston      Photographed by Jameson

    Photographed by Noa           Photographed by Bridget                 Photographed by Bevin

    Photographed by Sophia                  Photographed by Ella           Photographed by Kori Lynne

    Photographed by Amirykal              Photographed by Lincoln

    Photographed by Ivy                         Photographed by Chloe

   Photographed by Owen                        Photographed by Leo

    Photographed by Zoey                      Photographed by Elliot

We ended our week with two special visitors. The first was a student nurse from Loyola who came to speak to our class about the importance of washing our hands. Ask your kindergartner what song we sang as we scrubbed all the germs from our hands .

We also had a visit from our Star Student's, Ella's mom and big brother. They shared a special story to wrap up Ella's special week.